Monday, May 14, 2012

Unforgettable Day Ever

Last May 3, it's charmaine's birthday. We decided to go to Lucban Quezon. We left at 8 am so that we can arrived early on our destination and also to come home early. On our way to Lucban Quezon, we lost our way. We asked directions on people around us. After that, we stuck in the middle of nowhere. Can you imagine how terrible it was? We're only 4 girls and we don't know what to do. Luckily, a tricycle driver saw us and he help us to find a man who can fix our car. Unfortunately the car didn't start.  We waited for almost 5 hours. We kill our time at Jolibee and entertain ourselves. Finally, we found a jeepney who can help us to bring us back in Lipa. Thank you Mr. Tricycle Driver who help us from the start to end. While on our way to lipa, the jeepney has flat tires and need to change the tires but it's raining hard. It's surprising that the bad luck is following us :( Eventually, the jeepney lead us back to Lipa. While were on Lipa, charmaine called her parents to pick us up. 

While waiting we went to SM Lipa

We celebrated her birthday at Yellow Cab. 

After eating, we saw milk tea shop and we can't help ourselves to try a new milk tea.
Can you imagine even we experienced these terrible things, we have the chance to take outfit photos? Hahaha

Jumpshots, again.

So her tito arrives and pick us up, to bring us to their house. Cha insisted to bring us back home individually.

 We enjoyed the moment even tough we didn't got to Lucban Quezon. I can say that this day was chaotic day but it turns to my unforgettable day ever.

Happy Birthday Charmaine Balba. You know how much i love you. *cheesy*

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