Tuesday, August 7, 2012

18th Part 2


I would like to thank everyone who came and joined me this day -- who made an effort just to go here, who took half-day and leave from work, and who didn't attend classes. Thank you Nones and Capuli Family and friends. Thank you Tita Weng for staying up all night and day just to polish my beautiful pastillas give aways . Ate Gikki and Bop - I love you kahit kamukha niyo waku-waku. Thank you, Tita Susan for the endless support. Thank you, mommy for being patient to us -- kahit lagi tayong nag-aaway. Thank you daddy for working so hard just to provide things to us. I miss you daddy. I wish you were here and most especially to God for giving me immeasurable blessings in my life.

Here is my 18th Part 1.

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